My name is Angela.  I’m opening a new door in life, actually re-opening a door I closed a while back, by letting my creative spirit out and reviving my handcrafted jewelry business.  It’s very different today than it was in the past.  So, here comes the blog!  And the tweets and facebook pages and etc., etc.

I live in Florida and enjoy creating, designing, soldering, shaping, wrapping, all the ings that make this fun happen.  Maybe not polishing so much, that’s a necessary evil.  I have two dogs and two cats, a wonderful husband, love to run, read, cook, eat and explore new stuff. I’m fascinated by the online world I’ve found now that I’ve embarked on this adventure.  So I look forward to tweeting, blogging, fbing, and being a web presence!

I also plan on doing art festivals, craft shows, all sorts of cool stuff.  Please join me in the fun!

Any questions or thoughts, feel free to leave a comment or contact me at tokolondesigns@rocketmail.com.


Thoughts Welcome!

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